Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Technology Tour 2012

Technology Tour 2012 was a Success!

The New Media Center began the New Year by hosting a “Meet the Pros-Technology Tour 2012” on January 7th at Hartnell Community College as part of the “iima4biz” initiative. The educational technology event brought local industry professionals in marketing and media, face to face with small business owners and digital arts students as an effort to provide free educational technology training to the community. The day began with a brief presentation by each of the six speakers followed by a delicious catered lunch and then small group break-out sessions. The topics were Digital Dialogue, Videos for Business, Social Media for Small Business, Online Interaction, Vision Videos and 3D Animation & Design. The amazing line up of guest speakers (Boots Road Group, Vision Videos, Clear Light Communications, Lindsay Digital and Videos4Creative) offered their time and expertise to small business owners and students in the Salinas Valley.

Technology Tour 2012

The benefit of combining digital arts students, small business owners and industry professionals was to create a networking event as well as an educational workshop. Digital arts students were able to sit with 3D Animation artist Spencer Lindsay and ask questions about what kind of software he used to create his 3D marketing piece for the Monterey Bay Aquarium. Small business owners could interact with online marketing and social media strategists such as Boots Road Group to see firsthand how logo, branding and online presence can all effect a business. To balance the technology and information, we also had guest speakers who spoke about vision and teamwork which added an element of inspiration to Technology Tour 2012.

"Jerri Nemiro, Founding Regional Director/Instructor of Digital Arts and AnaLuisa Morales

The feedback from participants was extremely positive and many asked when the New Media Center would be providing more of these workshops. An additional success is the happy outcome of a job creation for one of the participants, Martha Vidauri. Ms. Vidauri is a Hartnell digital arts student and events planner who was offered an internship with Boots Road Group after meeting them at the event. Boots Road Group is happy to confirm that she is now an intern with them at their location in Monterey, California. Technology Tour 2012 was filmed and photographed and a collage of the day’s events will be online soon. The New Media Center will also be hosting a similar event in the next couple months with a focus towards online marketing and mobile media applications. We look forward to providing more of these free educational technology trainings that are so essential for creating a healthy economy in this vibrant region.